These general terms and conditions form part of all agreements concluded between Starchiefs Classic Cars BV (hereinafter SCC BV), and buyers of clients with regard to the purchase, repair and maintenance of cars, parts and accessories therefor.
General terms and conditions were established on 1 January 2015 and come into effect on 1 January 2015.

In these general terms and conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

the car: a passenger car, a combination or delivery van derived therefrom, of which the total weight including the loading capacity does not exceed 3,500 kg;
the car to be purchased: a car that is sold by the buyer to the seller in the context of the agreement;
the agreement: the agreement for the purchase and sale of a car or parts and accessories for it;
the seller: the person who, under the agreement, sells a car or parts and accessories for it;
the buyer: the person who buys a car or parts and accessories for the mold under the agreement;
the assignment: the agreement to perform assembly, disassembly, repair or Piersma, voluntary statutory inspections and damage assessments, each separately referred to together as 'work';
the client: the person who instructs the repairer to have work carried out;
the repairer: the person who meets with regard to a car and / of parts and accessories for it carries out an assignment or has it carried out;



Article 1-the offer
The seller's offer is verbatim, in writing, electronically and is

-If a term for acceptance has been set - in force during the term indicated therein. The acceptance of the offer by the buyer is only valid if it takes place within the set term. Furthermore, electronic acceptance of the offer by the buyer is only valid if it has been confirmed by the seller.

If no term for acceptance has been set, the offer will remain in force for two working days, provided the car has remained unsold.


Article 2-the agreement
The agreement must always be recorded in writing or electronically. A copy of an Inver agreement must be provided to the buyer. However, the lack of an electronically recorded agreement does not invalidate that agreement.


Article 3-the content of the agreement
In an electronically recorded agreement, each independently contains:

the chassis number / registration number of the car and any car to be purchased, both with any accessories;
the price of the car at the time of purchase and sale, with the indication of the price, is a large of a non-fixed agreed price;
the price of any car to be purchased at the agreed time of delivery of that car; It should be noted here that it is by definition a margin car, unless it is explicitly stated that it concerns a VAT car;
the delivery costs of the car;
the presumed explicit fixed delivery date; -the method of payment.

Article 4 price changes / increase
Changes in taxes, excise duties and similar government levies will be passed on at all times in both the fixed and the non-fixed agreed price of cars.
Without prejudice to the provisions of article 6, cover 1, in addition to the aforementioned changes, price increases as a result of changes in factory and / or importer prices and in exchange rates may also be passed on to the non-fixed agreed price of the cars. After notification of this change, the buyer has the right to dissolve the agreement in case the increase of the stipulated price by the seller takes place after the completion of the agreement. The dissolution must take place within ten days after that notification. The dissolution must take place in writing.

Article 5 - the risk to the car
Until the time of actual leverage, the car is at the expense and risk of the seller. Any car to be purchased does not become the property of the buyer until it has actually been handled by him. Until that time, the car to be purchased is booked at the expense and risk of the seller and all costs are for his account. This includes the costs of maintenance and any damage caused by whatever cause, too, such damage as a result of the inability to leverage the official vehicle documents.


Article 6 cancellation
The buyer has the authority to cancel the purchase agreement, regardless of the seller's failure to fulfill his obligations.
This cancellation can only take place in writing. The buyer is obliged to make the sale within one week after this cancellation