Corvette C3

How to make dreams come true! I'm a seasoned business professional and P.hD. student from Finland, daily doing business with global fortune 500 companies. In addition to my professional career,  I'm fixing and restoring old vehicles. After wrapping up my last project (Moto Guzzi), I started looking for a new project and set my sights on the long time dream car - Corvette C3. After reviewing different options from Finland, the US and Europe, I found Starchiefs Classic Cars offering 1978 Corvette. Due to COVID19, I could not travel to see the car and needed to operate remotely with Dirk. Since the first contact, we found the same tune - I like the car, and the provided service was speedy and excellent. Dirk provided detailed information for the car and provided a video of the test drive, and we had a facetime call to have a thorough review of the car in all details. All questions were answered timely, and I enjoyed doing business with the other hobbyist, who loves the old cars. I got the car delivered to Finland. Also included, to my surprise, the car I got had all parts packaged nicely. The previous owner thorough documentation of the conducted repairs was also included in part of the delivery.

I got more than asked, got the project I've been looking for, and know Starchiefs Classic Cars and owner Dirk, representing the old-school trust and expertise selling the unique vehicles to fellow hobbyists. I can highly recommend Dirk and Starchiefs Classic Cars to anyone who is looking for the dream car.  

Let me know your thoughts and well proceed accordingly. I have already conducted quite a bit changes to car and really impressed about the work the previous owner has done.

Stay safe and all the best,

My eyes never got used to the rear spoiler, so I remove it much better now. As a next step, I’ll check the gaps with the doors etc., to get the body correct stance and prepare the body for further process steps—some epoxy and elbow grease needed to get it done. The engine seems fine, the handbrake fixed, and the whole brake systems re-aired one more time. I also fixed the door pins and bushings to get them smooth + several other minor stuff. It should be good. Used stuff is always used stuff, no probs. Drive the car and fix when needed..

The vision is to paint a car, either Steel cities grey or Charcoal grey and equip the engine with modern EFI-systems to make it more useful for kids. My daughters also have a driver’s license and anxious to get behind the steering wheel.

Have a great weekend!