Porsche 911 2.4T Olklappe 1972 MFI

Brand Porsche
Model 911 2.4T Olklappe 1972 MFI
Price 79.500
Condition Gebruikt
Year 1972
Engine 2400 cc
Fuel Gasoline
Mileage 91.446
Colour Orange
Body type Coupe
Transmission Manual
Number of Doors 2

Description Porsche 911 2.4T Olklappe 1972 MFI

We can rightly call this Porsche 911 with Ölklappe a pearl in our collection. Everything about this unique model is correct. The Porsche is equipped with the so-called ölklappe, a filler cap for topping up oil. This US version is also equipped with the Mechanic Fuel Injection system (MFI system). The Porsche was originally designed in a yellow color and was repainted to orange around 2016. The body is tight on the seams and the fits are perfect. The Porsche is equipped with the original bottom plates and these are neat and hard. The original interior is also very nice and complete with the undamaged black leather upholstery and the neat dashboard. The 140HP six-cylinder air-cooled engine is powerful and sounds fantastic (not only for the enthusiast). The 5-speed manual gearbox shifts lightly and smoothly. The original matte Fuchs wheels and the beautiful chrome complement the beautiful exterior condition of the car. The birth certificate of the Porsche is present, as is a folder with many invoices for maintenance. The original maintenance booklet is also included, but not complete up to the current mileage. In 2018 the car was imported from America and registered on a Dutch registration. This Porsche 911 2.4T is one of a total of 989 Ölklappe models manufactured. That makes it very unique and popular, especially in this state.

History of this model:

Since the start of the Porsche 911, various updates have been released year after year to take the 911 to a higher level. In 1972 came the 2.4T version, the heaviest engine to date. In addition, the MFI system was introduced to meet the American emission requirements. Because topping up oil was always a difficult job, the Porsche engineers came up with a filler cap behind a kind of “petrol” cover. As convenient as this seemed at first, it caused a lot of confusion. The oil valve has been changed too often with the fuel valve. The engines broke down and many damage claims followed as a result. After one year and only 989 pieces, the valve was removed from the design again.


Body:                                      Coupe

Engine:                                   2400cc Flatsix

Transmission:                         Five-speed manual gearbox

Power:                                    140

Mileage:                                  57.154 Miles

Year of production:                 1972

VAT / Margin:                          Margin

Price:                                      € 79.500, -

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