Peugeot 203 1956 Contact us!

Brand Peugeot
Model 203 1956
Price 12.500
Condition Gebruikt
Year 1956
Fuel Gasoline
Colour Black
Body type Sedan
Transmission Manual
Number of Doors 4

Description Peugeot 203 1956

The Peugeot 203 is the first post-war model of the French car brand Peugeot. The only Peugeot model available at the time. Production started in 1948 and continued until 1960. It was a remarkably modern, streamlined car. In addition, the first Peugeot with self-supporting construction. The 1290cc 4 cylinder " super-carré " engine that delivered 42 hp in the beginning was also newly designed. In a later version it was increased to 45 hp, with which a top speed of 120 km/h could be achieved. Other innovations included the fuse control, the synchronized four-speed gearbox and independent suspension.

The 203 had great success in endurance rides. In 1953 Andre Mercier and Charles de Cortanze won a race from Paris to Cape Town (15,000 km) in 17 days, which also underlined the economy of the car: with a full tank you reached 900 km.

In the same year, the Redex race was raced in Australia, which was also won. All eleven cars that started also arrived, which established peugeot's name on this continent.

This Peugeot comes from our private collection. The car has been in the Netherlands since 1976 and after the partial restoration and engine overhaul ended up in a dry barn in connection with the death of the then owner.

In 2012 we bought the car and got it all ready to go on the road again. The interior has been completely renewed, the dashboard blasted and sprayed. Just like the rims, which were of course also provided with new tires. After that, the 203 drove a lot. We even crossed France twice with it. The many thumbs up are still on our retinas. The 203 has never let us down and has more than proven its reliability. The car starts flawlessly due to the 123 electronic ignition. The authentic OLD Imperial completes the time frame. With this Peugeot 203 you can easily drive with the current traffic on the highway, of course mainly on the right lane. A great car for the real enthusiast!

The paint is beautiful, but of course it has traces of use.


Bodywork:                             4-door sedan

Transmission:                       manual 4-box steering gear

Engine:                                 1300CC 4-cylinder

Power:                                  45 HP

Torque:                                 86 NM


Year built:                             1956

VAT/Margin:                          Margin

Price:                                    € 12.500,-

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