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About us

“We” are Dirk den Hertog and Vivi Schotsman and would like to introduce ourselves.


I had a love for cars early on. As a 16-year-old I started working as a sheet metal worker at the garage next door. The garage owner realized quickly enough that he could leave the complicated jobs to “little” Dirk. He was therefore not amused when I chose a different direction after a few years. I became an entrepreneur and started Sky-lite Holland, a company in Meerkerk that builds Flightcases. That is already 32 years ago and Sky-lite Holland is an important player in the market. Since I am phasing out the daily management of Sky-lite, I have more time for my hobby: old-timers! Over the years I have already collected several. Initially my favorite was my Peugeot 203 from 1956. About 5 years ago I ran into a Topolino from 1937 with Vivi that we both fell in love with immediately. It has become a project, but we hope to tour with it next year. As a little boy I once promised myself a Porsche Targa 911 and that is now the current favorite. Several countries have already been visited with the Porsche (1976), many adventures have been experienced and many will certainly follow.

Two years ago I started Starchiefs Classic Cars with a partner. Unfortunately, the corona crisis struck here too and it was decided that I would continue Starchiefs without a partner. As Chief Dirk I am mainly concerned with the sale and technology of the old-timers. Would you like to know something special about one of the classics from the Starchiefs Classic Cars range ………? I can tell a special story about every car at Starchiefs. It is really my passion that I like to share with others.

Dirk: 06 - 53 781 381


Until recently I had my own massage practice. Here too, the corona crisis caused a turnaround. It felt like time for me to do something different. I gladly left what that would turn out to be what would come my way. With my work experience from my own company and the budding love for old-timers, I have now joined Starchiefs to support Dirk. This support mainly takes place in the administrative field, social media and website. I like this so much that I have decided to keep doing this. I like to write and would like to use this to present the cars from the Starchiefs range as clearly as possible on the website.

We are now partners at home as well as at Starchiefs Classic Cars. Together we want to continue Starchiefs Classic Cars in the same way as they were used to. With beautiful, special and high-quality classics. For new copies, we like to go out together - with or without the Porsche - at home or abroad. We would like to radiate an informal atmosphere that invites you to come and view the range in the showroom, possibly while enjoying a drink.

Vivi: 06 - 20 994 142

At the beginning of January 2021 we moved from Gorinchem to Meerkerk. Starchiefs Classic Cars is now located next to Sky-Lite Holland at Handelsweg 4. You can find us here every day, but please give us a call if you want to come by (Chief Dirk 06-53781381).

We are always looking for "new" old or young timers to add to our collection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have or know an old-timer for sale. Special "fixers" are also welcome. We are a bit reserved with trade-in, but it is certainly not impossible.