Over Starchiefs classic cars


The road to your dream!

The purchase of a classic car is not just anything. We understand that you want to take the time and space for that. The greatest preparation is of course done at home. This applies to all of us, whether we are seasoned old-timer buyers or one-time buyers with a dream that we want to realize with the purchase of a beautiful copy. In this orientation phase you are mainly active on websites and advertising sites, where you research which brand appeals to you. What requirements do you want your future classic car to meet? Are you going for speed, looks, sound, or a combination of all of that? Of course we hope that you will also consult our website. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of keeping these continuously lively, informative (with blogs, for example) and otherwise up-to-date.

A logical next step in your search for the classic car that is suitable for you is to visit the providers. We would therefore like to invite you - of course without obligation - to our showroom. Meeting each other and exchanging information is always preferable to the internet. No matter how beautiful websites are, it is and will always be an important first introduction. When purchasing a classic car it is absolutely essential that you have seen, felt, heard and smelled several.

We set up our showroom in Meerkerk precisely for this purpose. You can -with or without us- view all the cars at your leisure, sit in them for a while and -if you want- we can start them for you. The most important technical data can also be found with each car. We have decorated the coffee corner entirely in style, so that you can still stay in the atmosphere during a short break. This way you can let everything take effect for you and prepare yourself for your next step.

Of course we hope that the next step is with us and that we can increase your enthusiasm with a test drive. We take plenty of time for our visitors, so that is always possible right away, or - if you wish - you can come back for it later. When you decide to purchase the car, we will relieve you as much as possible, so that you only have to get in, accelerate and enjoy the touring in your "new" classic. If desired, we will put the car on a Dutch registration. In addition, we are authorized by the RDW to register the car in the name of the new owner. Last but not least, if you wish, we can also deliver the car to your home.

Our cars have been technically checked and any defects have been repaired. If that is different, for example due to the turnover rate, it is always in consultation with the prospective buyer. This way there are no strings attached or double agendas. However, we cannot always foresee that something will break. After all, they remain old-timers. We cannot offer a guarantee, but of course we do provide aftercare.

If the classic car of your dreams is not in our collection, feel free to send us a search. With our extensive experience and the network that has now been built up, we know better than anyone where to look.

If the purchase is ultimately not with us, then of course we think that's a shame. We hope that we have been able to make the right contribution to the purchase of your dream car. Always feel welcome with us to show your car; to share your experiences with us live or via a blog; or just for a nice old-timer chat while enjoying a drink.